Internet/Alternative Distribution Systems (IDS/ADS)

The Internet Distribution System (IDS) and Alternative Distribution System (ADS) are electronic distribution systems utilized by airlines and travel agencies that operate outside of the Global Distribution System (GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION) The BELIEVE INN System is connected to both the GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION and the IDS/ADS distribution systems. The BELIEVE INN allows hotels to sell rooms through hundreds of Internet-based channels.

Next Generation Rich Content System

The BELIEVE INN allows for inclusion of multiple pictures of various areas of the hotel and amenities and activity content in a multiple language format.

Web Service Management

The BELIEVE INN is accessed by the hotel through our proprietary BELIEVE INN Web Service. The system is available through Internet connection 24 hours a day seven days a week. All content, rate and availability management functions are available.

Commission and Non-Commission Rates

The BELIEVE INN handles both commission travel agency and non-commission merchant or net rates.

Electronic Delivery of Reservations

The BELIEVE INN delivers reservations and confirmations in real-time through emails.